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St. Prokopios

The western side of Naxos Island hosts the renowned Agios Prokopios Beach, situated 5 km from Naxos Town center and nestled between Agia Anna and Agios Georgios beaches. This stretch of coastline stands as one of the island’s most beloved destinations, repeatedly earning the prestigious Blue Flag Award and garnering recognition among Greece and Europe’s top beaches.

Stretching over 1.5 km, the beach boasts glistening golden sands lapped by crystalline waters. Shielded from the island’s potent winds, the waters remain tranquil for the most part, providing an ideal environment for relaxation and leisure.

While the majority of the beach is organized with amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas, the northern edge near the chapel retains its natural allure, untouched by development. On the southern end, vibrant beach bars and water sport facilities add a lively atmosphere to the scene.

Nestled behind the sand dunes lies a charming village replete with hotels, restaurants, cafes, mini markets, and bars, catering to the needs of visitors. Additionally, a salt lake with its striking pink hue serves as a sanctuary for diverse bird species and wildlife, enriching the coastal landscape.

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Insured, leather interior, rain sensor, air conditioning.

Insured, leather interior, rain sensor, air conditioning.

Insured, leather interior, rain sensor, air conditioning.

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