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Eggares / Galini

Enveloped by lush greenery and situated amidst a fertile plain, the village of Eggares in Naxos is located 8 km from Chora and boasts a permanent population of approximately 200 residents. “If heaven were on earth, it would be here,” remarked Nikos Kazantzakis, one of Greece’s greatest writers, during his two-year sojourn as a guest in Eggares.

Within Eggares, a stone-built structure houses the Olive Oil Museum, comprising two distinct spaces: the traditional area showcasing artifacts used in olive oil production, and a room featuring exhibitions on olive-derived products. The olive mill, dating back to at least 1884, stands as a testament to the village’s rich heritage.

The heart of Eggares beats within its quaint main square, adjacent to which stands the Church of Dormition of the Virgin Mary. In the now-deserted Mesa Gitonia district, visitors can admire the Prantounas (or Fafopoulos) tower, alongside the church of Panagia Monastiriotissa, adorned with remarkable frescoes within.

Egares offers an ideal setting for hiking, with a 12-kilometer trail connecting it to Kinidaros village, affording walkers the opportunity to revel in the area’s heavenly natural beauty and encounter man-made elements such as watermills along the way. Furthermore, dining establishments in Egares delight patrons with delectable traditional dishes crafted from the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Nestled in a fertile valley just a few kilometers north of Chora, the village of Galini in Naxos shares its verdant surroundings with Egares, residing within the same lush dale.

With a population of approximately 300 inhabitants, Galini’s residents primarily engage in agriculture while valuing the preservation of their rich traditions and customs.

Near Galini, one can find the fortified monastery of Ipsilotera, erected by Iakovos Kokkos in the 17th century, notable for its distinctive semi-circular tower. During the Venetian era, local rebels sought refuge within its walls in defiance of noble oppression.

Located approximately 400 meters north of the village stands the church of Panagia Attaliotissa, a cruciform basilica crowned with a dome. Legend has it that this chapel was commissioned by a noblewoman hailing from Asia Minor, specifically from Antalya. It is said that she arrived in Naxos during the Byzantine Iconoclasm, bringing with her an icon of the Virgin Mary.

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