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Apiranthos, nestled in Naxos, stands out as the island’s most picturesque village. Positioned 26 km from the capital, it rests between verdant valleys at an altitude of 650 meters. Renamed in the years leading up to the War of Independence, Apiranthos has a rich history intertwined with tales of refuge and resilience. Some speculate its name draws from Perinthos in Constantinople, as it provided sanctuary for those fleeing Ottoman persecution. Moreover, the village’s customs and dialect bear resemblance to mountainous Cretan communities, suggesting a lineage from Crete.

Notably, Apiranthos is the birthplace of Manolis Glezos, a revered figure in Greek resistance during World War II. Renowned for his daring act of removing the Nazi flag from the Acropolis, Glezos’ heroism galvanized Greek defiance against German occupation. Perched atop a precarious hill, Apiranthos captivates visitors with its collection of exquisite marble homes, earning it the distinction of Naxos’s most enchanting village. Its central thoroughfare, commencing from the bus stop and flanked by the venerable Church of Panagia Aperathitissa, leads to the village’s cultural heart.

Apiranthos boasts a cluster of museums showcasing its rich heritage, including the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, the Art Museum housed within the Cultural Center, and the Geological Museum. Additionally, the Nikos Glezos Library, founded in 1964 in honor of Manolis Glezos’ brother, offers a comprehensive collection within the Cyclades. Adorned with a majestic plane tree, the village square provides an idyllic backdrop for photographs, while traditional cafes and taverns line the pedestrian walkway, offering a glimpse into local life. From this vantage point, visitors can savor breathtaking vistas of the town and surrounding valley.

The architecture of Apiranthos evokes a sense of timelessness, with Venetian influences evident in coat of arms adorning house facades and ornate balconies. Above the village, the remnants of the Frantzeskos windmill, operational from 1901 to 1917, stand testament to the area’s industrial past. Adding to the village’s allure is the Zevgolis Tower, a dilapidated Venetian edifice steeped in history, though inaccessible to the public due to its private ownership. Together, these landmarks and cultural treasures weave a tapestry of charm and heritage, inviting visitors to delve into Apiranthos’s storied past.

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